Terms & Conditions

This site – Hadafy Store – is managed by the Hadafy’s main site team, and all products and services are provided on this site subject to the consent of the customer.

The user’s acceptance of the following terms and conditions is voluntary, and this acceptance applies through visiting or registration as a new user or access to the user’s account directly through the website. Any use as a visitor or as a registered customer on the site is an effective approval of the following provisions. Because of these prior acts, the visitor or user is subject to the following provisions.

If the users do not agree to the following terms and conditions, then they should immediately stop using the site. We also note that disapproval will not enable customers to access the services or products offered.

Please read the following terms and conditions and it is best to follow this page periodically from time to time so that customers can follow up on any future changes, and the site may resort to notifying the customers in some cases about changes, mention it by email.


1-Using the online store:

The user must be an adult, and have a legal identity, or who is on his behalf is an adult in Kuwait, and no persons who have not reached the legal age of adulthood will be dealt with.

– Users are obliged to use any of the displayed products as a full legal use, subject to legal and jurisdiction in Kuwait.

– The website is not responsible for any legal or moral liability if users violate the legal use of any of the products displayed, and the user is subject to legal and jurisdiction in Kuwait, in the event of the misuse of any of the products or services.

Any violation of any of the terms of this agreement would lead to the immediate suspension of the provision of any products or services displayed at the Hadafy store site.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide the service or sell the products for any reason, and at any time, we deem appropriate.


2- Provisions for product and service data:

– All the data and media used – whether written, visual, or audible – for the products displayed on the website of Hadafy store are divided into two types:

A- Media material prepared by the Team of Hadafy store website, which is intellectually and physically owned by the site, and is not permitted to be used by any other parties for any purposes.

B- Information & material provided and intellectually owned, by registered trademarks, which are displayed to educate and provide information to the customer about the product. Also under legal use, and not allowed to be used again for any purposes without an authorization from trademarks,

– The site is not responsible for any unintentional error in the displayed product data, and customers are not entitled to legal accountability of the site in this case. We note here that the site team is doing its best to ensure that the data and information are as accurate as possible, but for many factors, an inadvertent error may occur.


3- Changes in services or prices:

– The Hadafy store website has the right to change the prices of its products at any time without prior notice.

– We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time (or any part of the contents of the site) without prior notice and at any time, we deem appropriate.

– We will not be legally held accountable by customers or any other party about any price modifications or changes or suspension of the service.


4- Products or services status:

– Some products or services may be available exclusively online through our website, and these products or services may be available in limited quantities and can only be returned or replaced by consistent with our return & exchange policy.

– We have done our best to display the images and colors of the products on the website with great accuracy to appear in the same way as they do in real life, but we do not guarantee that the screen of your computer, phone or any device used by you, will display any color with the required resolution.

– We cannot guarantee that the quality of any of the products, services, information or other goods you purchase from us will meet your expectations, or that any errors that may occur in our services will be corrected.


5- Data security for visitors and users:

– The Hadafy store site team does its best to secure customers and visitors and their data on the site, but it is known that the internet is not 100% safe.

– The site is not responsible for compensating any users or visitors for any subsequent damages from the use of the site as a result of any large, global and unknown event or cyberattack that may occur at any time.

– The user must observe the initial security rules in the use of the Internet, and the site is not responsible for any harm done to the user from using the site incorrectly.

– In the event of any breach of the site, the team will report it, and users will stop using the site until a security notice of safety. Clients will have then to follow the procedures required to secure data – from a user part – if necessary.


6- Using user data:

– The team at Hadafy store website acknowledges that no private data will be sold to any other third party.

– The data may be used in the direct marketing of the services and products displayed on the site to the users themselves.

– The users have the right to notify the site that they do not want to receive any of the direct marketing offers at any time.

– For further information, please check “Privacy Policy” page.


7- To contact us:

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of use, you can contact us at:

E-mail: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +96598551050